Humpback Whale Modeling in Blender (Part 3 Sculpting)

This is part 3 of my Whale Modeling, Sculpting and Texturing workflow videos.

The other parts can be found here: part 1 || part 2 || part 4

In this video I detail the Whale model in Blender. I utilize Multi-res sculpting (which is broken in the current version 2.82… you should either use an older version or wait for it to be fixed :)) Obviously you can also use a dedicated sculpting package like zbrush. In this case Blender did the job.

As with the other videos it’s a time-lapse with annotations. So almost a tutorial 🙂

In this part I again use a lot of references on a second monitor. I cannot share all references due to licensing issues. But if you just search for “humpback whale” on Goolge Image search, you can get many great reference images.

2 thoughts on “Humpback Whale Modeling in Blender (Part 3 Sculpting)”

  1. Hey do you have a rigged version of this and higher resolution images. I bought the whale (twice) and noticed that you wrote Lo on the texture maps.

    1. Thanks for your support!
      All available files are already included in the product, there is nothing I can add at this point.

      I think there is a rigged model in the files, isn’t there?
      As for the “Lo” in the texture names, it relates to the texture baking, not the texture resolution. So it doesn’t have any deep meaning 😛

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