Products From CG Dive

Rig Anything with Rigify (video course)
Learn how to use Blender’s free and powerful auto-rigging system. 

Game Rig Tools (Blender addon)
Create game-ready rigs in seconds.

Recommended Blender Addons

Auto-Rig Pro (Blender addon)
All-in-one Automatic Rigging toolkit for Blender. (rig generation, weight painting, shapekeys, etc.)

Voxel Heat Diffuse Skinning (Blender addon)
If you dislike Weight Painting as much as the next person, you’ll probably like this addon 🙂

FaceIt (Blender addon)
Faceit is an all-in-one facial rigging, motion capture, and animation Add-on.

Action Commander (Blender addon)
A tool that  helps manage multiple actions in your blend file.

RECOMMENDED Blender Courses

The Art of Effective Rigging in Blender
by Pierrick Picaut 

A rigging course focused on hard-surface objects such as robots, gears, cables, etc.

ToAnimate Animation Course

Alive! – Animation course in Blender
by Pierrick Picaut